Panorama and Chesterfield

A few weeks ago there was a class trip to Chesterfield, a small abandoned town, where I took twelve photos to create a panorama. Originally I had planned to make my panorama with photos from inside Chesterfield, but most of those turned out very dark without a lot of color because of the rainstorm that was rolling in, as well as being tilted because I set up my tripod on a very bumpy hill.

Driving out there, I rode with Jake Valdon, a friend and the class CPI, and took a photo of him standing in the back of his truck trying to capture all of the fall trees. While heading back into town to get food, we had to wait for a train to pass and I was able to take a photo of a rainbow. Later, we stopped at a road that led towards a farm that had this beautiful lake and met the man who owned the land with his dog who recommended a road further up to get a better view of the mountains, and was where I ended up taking my panorama while standing in the back of Jake’s truck.


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