Alluring Aroma

For this project I choose to photograph a still of my only perfume bottle that I brought with me to campus, but I wanted to add a summery theme to it because the flowers on the bottle matched tropical looking faux flowers from the store. I ended up loving and hating this project; Loved: Playing…


I traveled to Palisades with Jake Valdon. I usually go on photography trips with Jake, and this time we went to the shore in an attempt of his to try and capture sunset pictures. While there, a couple and their two dogs were also taking some photos. At one point I tried to get a…

Panorama and Chesterfield

A few weeks ago there was a class trip to Chesterfield, a small abandoned town, where I took twelve photos to create a panorama. Originally I had planned to make my panorama with photos from inside Chesterfield, but most of those turned out very dark without a lot of color because of the rainstorm that…


For my assignment based around people, I chose to photograph my wonderful model Gabriela Lemus in the studio. I used violet and green gels to create the colored backdrops, two lights, as well as a light reflector to act as a third light.


Welcome to my blog! These are a few of the photos taken from early and late spring.