Lost Worlds Project

For this project I went to the Old Town part of Pocatello and photographed the old firehouse. Throughout the shoot I was battling with getting the exposure of the building correct as well as the exposure for the sky causing either the building to be under exposed or the sky to be over exposed, which got to be really frustrating, but I was happy that I could fix a lot of the issues with editing. While no longer active, someone playing basketball on the side of the building informed me that it was bought out a man who’s currently using it as an auto shop. With one image the sun gave me a nice lens flare that caused some interesting yellowing to the photo, and on another I had fun messing with the exposure to create a lot of teal and orange shades, but this did cause the clouds to be heavily over exposed. I wanted to make sure I had photos of the mural, front of the firehouse, and church to show a comparison to the original photographs, all of which can be accredited to History of Pocatello Fire Department and viewed below.